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Here are a few sites that I feel will be worth visiting... See if you agree...

AnimeMusicVideos.Org - A site trying to achieve the definitive database of AMVs ever made... Comes damn close, too.  Good guides, good setup = great site! A must-see site for anyone interested in AMVs.

Short AMVs for Short People - AMV project site for the SAMV project.  As I said before, on the lookout for new contributors! It looks like being a fun project, come and help out if you can!

PWolfAMV - AMV creator site, home to one of my favorite creators, and fellow collaborator on the SAMV project. Download this guy's videos.. he does good work!

Lastpole - Homepage of FurryCurry, creator of a coupla real good AMVs, and contributor on the SAMV project. Runs the Lastpole ShortAMV Forums.

MegaTokyo - Quite possibly the best comic on the Web, IMO.  Check it out! 1337!

Beauty Of The Night - what more can anyone say? Kaolla Su is the greatest anime character ever! All together... SU-CHAN!! (Low on content at the moment, but working on it! :0)

IrfanView - I used this to convert an image for my favorites icon, but it is a very versatile file viewing program, letting you view the widest range of image formats I've ever seen!

DivX Video - Good video compressor, and quite a widely used codec. If you're not going to watch my videos, it's probably best to download this software anyway, so you can watch other people's! ;P

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